Dice Subscriptions are here!

Do you like shiny math rocks?

How about receiving a new set of shiny math rocks every month?

Well do Chester and his kobolds have an offer for you!

Bookwyrm Games is excited to offer dice subscription at three different tiers!

Chester’s Chosen: Chester, the Bookwyrm himself, curates this tier. Gemstone, glass and top tier metal dice are what you can expect to receive every month.

Wise Wyrm: At this tier you will receive a new set of sharp edge resin or metal dice every month. The tier is curated by Wilhelmina and she is a very discerning wyrm, so expect some interesting choices.

Clever Kobold: Get new set of our excellent resin dice every month. Clarence, the kobold in charge of curating this tier, loves things like fun inclusions, glitter or mixtures of colour, etc.