Quest Chest: Assassin’s Crown


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What is a Quest Chest?

Designed to drop seamlessly into your home games, and system agnostic, Quest Chests are the perfect event for any playgroup. You can use elements of a Chest for a one-shot adventure, run the whole Chest as a multi-session mini-campaign, or even integrate the story into your ongoing existing campaign. The Quest Chest is a great addition to the treasury of any GM, and will add a physical immersive element to the storytelling and world building at your table.

A collaboration between Bookwyrm Games and Austin Hartell (Dungeon Artist) our second Quest Chest is:

Assassin’s Crown

Assassins Crown welcomes you into the city of Ioatha, the City of Kings. Intrigue and betrayal greet you the moment you open this Quest Chest!

With metal coins, wax sealed letters, maps and more, you’ll be able to draw your players into a web of deceit and murder. Fully narrated Voice Over and custom music join a host of other digital resources to help you GM the most immersive game possible.

This Quest Chest also features two different types of tea which you will serve to your players to help engage all their senses and draw them completely into the mystery of Assassins Crown.


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