Quest Chest: Stone Oaths and Golden Lies


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What is a Quest Chest?

Designed to drop seamlessly into your home games, and system agnostic, Quest Chests are the perfect event for any playgroup. You can use elements of a Chest for a one-shot adventure, run the whole Chest as a multi-session mini-campaign, or even integrate the story into your ongoing existing campaign. The Quest Chest is a great addition to the treasury of any GM, and will add a physical immersive element to the storytelling and world building at your table.

A collaboration between Bookwyrm Games and Austin Hartell (Dungeon Artist) our first Quest Chest is:

Stone Oaths and Golden Lies

Stone Oaths and Golden Lies tells the mysterious and haunting tale of a mad King, a cursed legacy, and a party of adventurers who must decide the ultimate fate of Castle Stormhaunt. Your players will explore a benighted town, solve a generational mystery, and either liberate or doom an entire region on the map.

Physical props such as metal coins, wax sealed letters, maps and even a scented candle will engage your player’s senses, and help draw them into the story. Fully narrated Voice Over and custom music join a host of other digital resources to help you GM the most immersive game possible.


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